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Team & Mission

DeFine Logic Labs are DeFi yield strategists. The team brings a wealth of crypto-native experience, including the expertise of Stephen H, who is well-known as the founder of DeFi Dojo Discord and an established DeFi educator through his Twitter and YouTube channels, where he’s known as The Calculator Guy.


With years of experience in both traditional finance and Web3 spaces, DeFine Logic Labs provides tailored analytic solutions for growth in DeFi ventures and yield optimization. Their team diligences protocols, yields, and strategies using proprietary risk assessment tools, designs, and models. They also assess partners’ token economics, develop logic for, and analyze the quantitative robustness of both automated and actively managed vaults.


As a Web3 data analytics firm, DeFine Logic Labs is committed to demystifying DeFi for a broader audience by providing accurate data-driven insights and risk management strategies.


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